Which term is more inclusive, Latine or Latinx? And what Latin America 

We talk to one or India’s childhood friends from San Miguel, and current Assistant Professor or Spanish at Michigan State University. She researches and teaches about Latin American Queer culture, wome, books, and film. 

The episode is an endearing catch-up between two old friends, and a continuation of our look at Mexican queer and straight culture. This is part one of our two episode talk with Ale. And make sure you give her podcast, Hablemos

Escritorias. We have listed some of the books Dr. Marqez mentioned below.


You can follow Alejandra Marquez on Twitter at: alesa06



Amazon: Las Malas

Bookshop: Camila Sosa Villada, Las Malas


Literatura infantil y juvenil: Entrevistas


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