Content Warning: This episode features controversial language from an individual who is still growing in their LGBTQ allyship journey. We are choosing not to alter his words. Part of what we do on SQ is have hard, honest conversations and that means not policing guests’ language if they are sincerely trying to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

Y’all we move beyond our queer echo chamber and talk to an actual straight, white, male. Randy Sullivan of Bourbon Real Talk chats with India about growing beyond ingrained homophobia, becoming an ally, and using bourbon as a common ground to build diverse communities.

  • Honestly, Aubree knows nothing about bourbon, so after listening to this she did what she always does, and found a book on the subject. We recommend: The Bourbon Bible, and it is entirely possible that Alyson is getting this queer bourbon shirt for her birthday.* 

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