What does it mean when a store advertises itself as a collectively owned queer  feminist collective that focuses on uplifting marginalized voices? We ...View Details

Being the Change

In this episode we sit down and have a in depth chat with Stacey Stevenson about her life from her coming out story, her family dynamics, to  co-found...View Details

We talk to Prof. Jaime Harker about the need to include lesbian voices in our examination of southern literature. Her book, The Lesbian South: Souther...View Details

A Thanksgiving Week Break

Hey All! Southern Queeries is on a break to enjoy some much needed time with our families. We'll see you next week with an all new episode!

For many queer people, coming out is not a one time thing. Whether its meeting new people, talking to family, or just coming to a greater understandin...View Details

Where are all the lesbian bars?! We talk to the team at the Lesbian Bar Project about their efforts to raise money to support feminine centered queer ...View Details

With all the media attention given to drag queens, we ask where’s the love for queer burlesque dancers? We talk to Eveleena a.k.a Ivy Les Vixens, ment...View Details

What’s it like to come out as a lesbian, fall in love, and then have your partner transition to a guy? We talk to Jessica Messere about their pansexua...View Details

Queer Politics

It’s election season! We talk to Katie Hicken, a young, up-and-coming politico who works for the Lone Star Parity Project, an organization that is try...View Details

Let’s Queer Disney

We talk to Andrew Rodriguez-Triana, a sweet and funny queer Disneybounder and small business owner from Florida about coming out in Miami, being invol...View Details

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